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Standard terms and conditions of: Reflex Printed Plastics


1.     Application

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the production and sale of goods by Reflex Printed Plastics to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, including any which the Customer may purport to impose. They may not be varied except in writing, signed by an officer of the Company.


2.     Definitions

2.1.  In these Conditions:-

“Printer”               refers to the company Reflex Printed Plastics.

“Client”                 is the company and/or any of its representatives to whom the estimate is addressed.


3.     Estimates

3.1.  Estimates are based on the Printer’s current costs of production and may be amended subject to a rise or fall in such costs, unless otherwise agreed in writing, up until such time as the contract is accepted.

3.2.  Estimates are exclusive of any applicable VAT and other taxes or levies which are imposed or charged by any competent authority.


4.     Basis of Sale

4.1.  Acceptance of contract is based upon receipt of an official purchase order. Where an official purchase order is not ordinarily supplied by the Client, an e-mailed order confirmation shall be deemed to be acceptance of the contract. The Printer reserves the right to amend and correct any errors or omissions at any time.

4.2.  Variations thereafter must be agreed in writing and any amended cost or details confirmed and accepted by both parties, prior to production. The Printer accepts no liability for any material supplied by the Client and reserves the right to advise of non-completion of contract in the event of such proving to be incompatible or un-usable. Wherever possible, the Client will be advised prior to going to press but, should this occur during the production process, any associated costs will be charged, with the Client being advised in writing at the earliest opportunity.

4.3.  Following a request to delay or cancel by the Client, the Printer shall be entitled to payment in full for all works carried out to date, as specified by the Printer. Where a delay of more than 30 days occurs the printer shall be entitled to submit an interim invoice for works carried out thus far.


5.     Proofs

5.1.  Proofs will be submitted to the Client in digital format and are a true representation of content but not colour. The Printer takes no responsibility and shall not be liable for errors or omissions originating from material supplied by the Client. Alterations and additional proofs will be charged as an extra. Any changes shall be deemed to be ‘author’s corrections’ and charges for these shall be agreed with the Client prior to the Printer proceeding with the contract. Where the Client requests or accepts a PDF proof, the Printer accepts no liability whatsoever for any corruption in the files that may occur due to technical issues. The Client must accept full responsibility for the content in all areas.


6.     Delivery

6.1.  Delivery shall be made to the address specified when the order is placed and shall be subject to a charge unless otherwise specified in the estimate. Delivery of produced work shall be accepted when tendered.

6.2.  Whilst every endeavour will be made to deliver the correct quantity as ordered, in the case of unusual circumstances, the Printer reserves the right to deliver the product quantity within a margin of +/- 5%.

6.3.  Advice of damaged or partial loss of goods in transit must be given in writing to the Printer within 3 working days of receipt, or in the case of non-receipt, the expected delivery date. Any discrepancy regarding the content of consignments must be notified within 10 working days of receipt. The Printer will not entertain any claim after these periods. Any delay or consequential loss to the Client as a result of the use of carriers, or any external factor outside the control of the Printer, shall not be deemed the responsibility of the Printer.


7.     Payment

7.1.  A deposit payment for a percentage of the total value of the goods and tax due will be required on all initial orders from a customer without an account facility. This may also apply to any existing customer who has not traded with the Printer for a period of more than two years. Should it be necessary to vary the payment terms, the customer will be notified prior to proceeding. Acceptance of a deposit payment does not constitute the right to a credit account facility – this is always subject to a credit status check and is reviewed regularly.

7.2.  Once the criteria for opening a credit account have been met, 30 day terms will be offered by the Printer on any subsequent orders. Alternative credit terms may be agreed to between the Printer and the Client.

7.3.  If the Client fails to make payment within the period in sub-Clause 7.2 the Printer reserves the right to suspend any further deliveries to the Client, or cancel any pending orders and charge the Client interest at a rate of 5% per annum over and above the base rate of the Bank of England.


8.     Risk and title

8.1.  Risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall pass to the Client when the goods are delivered.

8.2.  All goods supplied, including those against which a part-payment has been made, remain the property of Printer until paid for in full.

8.3.  Reflex will not be held liable for any costs or damages arising from any claims relating to the use of any design or artwork that is supplied to Reflex by the supplier for reproduction. The supplier agrees to indemnify Reflex for any such costs or damages incurred.

These terms and conditions are standard and may be superseded by written consent of an individual, mutually signed agreement between the Printer and Client.

Reflex Printed Plastics is the trading name of Reflex Studio Limited.

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